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Whilst we endeavour to answer all enquiries with regards to the dogs we have up for adoption, we are sometimes inundated with so many enquiries and can not get back to everyone.  This is why we insist that all our applicants complete a questionnaire and email it in to us.  It allows us to peruse each applicant in detail and ensures everyone that applies has an equal opportunity for adoption.  Our dogs are advertised in most cases for approx two weeks, we will then contact and discuss with the most suitable applicant the possibility of adoption.   


 We currently have Collies listed below waiting for expressions of interest.



About Baz

If you are interested in adopting Baz please complete our questionnaire at the following link:

Introducing Baz: an incredibly friendly 14 month old, sable male collie who'll add immeasurable joy to your home. He lights up every room he waltzes into and is sure to warm your heart with his amicable nature.

There's so much to love about Baz. He's what we like to call a dogs' dog, meaning he gets along well with other dogs, but what makes Baz exceptional is that he also gets on fantastically with cats. Consequently, Baz would fit right into a multi-pet household, bringing an additional layer of harmony with his friendly disposition.

Baz is still a puppy at heart and needs training like all puppies do. He is such a smart boy this will be enjoyable for you and him.

A lover of the outdoors, Baz adores his daily walks. He wouldn't mind a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood or a brisk jaunt in the park. While he appreciates these adventures, he's also quite content to mellow out at home in your company.

But if there's one thing that Baz enjoys almost as much as his walks, it's the companionship of people. He thrives on being around his family, adding a joyful and comforting presence to those around him.

Whether you're a first-time dog adopter looking for a lovable and easy-going pet or an experienced pet owner looking for another furry friend to add to the mix, Baz will effortlessly fit into your lifestyle. He's just waiting for you to take him home.

Baz would be suited best to a home with another dog.


If you are interested in adopting Baz please complete our questionnaire at the following link:

Microchip Number 956000015783942

Source No RE100839




Meet Cashew! This 19 month old rough collie is sure to steal your heart with his good looks and friendly personality. He loves nothing more than being around the people he loves. He is a happy boy that will need ongoing training but is responding well. A training program has been put in place for his new family to continue with. Cashew is good with other dogs, but would be better suited as an only pet. It would be better for him if there were no other small animals in his home. No young children due to his high puppy energy levels.


Cashew might still be a puppy but his good indoor manners and responsiveness to praise mean that training him will be an easy process. He already has basic commands down pat. As a working breed, Cashew needs regular walks and brushing to keep his coat in great condition - this won't take too much time however, as brushing him once or twice a week should be enough. With patience and lots of love, Cashew will make the perfect addition to your home!

If you are interested in adopting Cashew please complete our questionnaire at the following link:

Microchip Number 953010006619874

Source No RE100839




Hades is looking for his forever home. He is a 6 year old Male, Sable and White Smooth Collie. The ideal home for Hades would be an owner than can be firm with him if needed, but will also enjoy a good cuddle on the couch. Someone that is home with him most of the time, or can take him on an adventure with them. He is active and loves walks to explore, but will happily plonk beside you while you work from home. He is a well trained boy but will need ongoing work on recall. Hades will need a home with no small animals, or cats. He plays well with other dogs that visit but likes his owners to himself around the house. Hades is an anxious dog that loves a cuddle and company, but needs boundaries and a calm home to be the best dog he can be.


Medical notes

Hades has anxiety issues that require him to be in a quiet home with not too much activity.


If you are interested in adopting Hades please follow the link to our “Adoption Questionnaire”  and complete the application.

Microchip Number 941000018947089

Source No RE100839


  Please be advised that Victorian Collie Rescue place their collies in the most suitable home next on the list, which is not necessarily the home on the top of the list.

Victorian Collie Rescue Pet Exchange Register Source No RE100839





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