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Below are only a few of our stories.  We have hundreds more. 

 Please read, learn, understand and enjoy



The Happiest Dog Ever!

Bogie came to us as a palliative care case from Lost Dogs Home in 2016. He was an unclaimed stray. We were contacted and asked to take him because "he is too sweet to be PTS and is still enjoying life".  He was too. I expected this old dog, an estimated 13-14 years old when we got him, to be with us for only 6 months. He had all sorts of health issues we couldn't do anything for, but was in no pain so we just let him be. Three years later his old body finally gave in to age.

R.I.P. Bogie 2019


Rafael (Rafa)

Rafa is a sad case that came into our care in 2017 from the RSPCA. The poor boy spent more than 6 months in the pound due to a dragged out court case for animal neglect. Once the court case had been concluded RSPCA immediately contacted us and asked us if we could quietly find a new home for this boy. The court case had been played out on social media by the previous owner and this animal, and his new owner to be, didn't deserve anymore media exposure. 

We felt the best for this boy was to get him rehomed interstate with the assistance of one of our people in our Australian Collie Rescue network. Julie in SA stepped up to assist. Julie had the perfect home for him in SA which was nearby to her place, so she was able to check in regularly to see how the new owner and Rafa were travelling. You see, Rafa had health problems that would be ongoing for the rest of his life.

Julie was happy to finance his medications for his life but we couldn't put the burden completely on her, so Victorian Collie Rescue started them off with 12 months supply of medication. It wasn't a cheap treatment, but it kept him comfortable. His eyes did improve over time. Rafa passed on in May last year (2021) after living out his last 4 years in peace and comfort, and being cared for as he deserved to be.

Now that Rafa has passed we can share this story with you and publicly thank everyone involved in getting Rafa to his new home, and making Rafa comfortable and happy for his last years. This thank you includes all those people that have donated money to Victorian Collie Rescue in the past and trust us to put it towards the Collies in need, whether you see where it spent, or not, as in this case. 

Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - 2022





Gypsy came into care in Sept 2021. She was a 10 yr old surrender from a small country town in Victoria. No details were given about her execpt being told "I can't keep her anymore" by her owner. 

Gypsy was placed in foster care with one of our care givers, Bronwen. She won Bronwens heart and was nearly a foster failure. Gypsy had a touch of collie nose when she came in. Collie nose can be caused by many different things. The most common cause we see in rescue though is due to a low immune system usually caused by a poor diet in negleted dogs. In the case of Gypsy we believe that she might have bumped her nose on something and it had never had the chance to heal properly. Being an outside dog in the sun all day could have made it worse. As part of the treatment for Collie nose it is very important to use sunscreen on a damaged nose, which is why Gypsy has a yellow zinc covered nose above. She will need to cover her pink nose until her black pigment grows back. And it will. Eventually.      

Gypsy was only in foster care for a short time when I mentioned on social media that we had one collie just come into care but she isn't ready for adoption yet. Within a day I had a call from a previous VCR adopter saying she was ready for another collie and she would love a golden oldie because her old collie, Saffy, couldn't take on a young one. As you can see by the photo above Gypsy lives a cafe lifestyle now and loves her socialising at the park with other dogs. Saffy is now gone (RIP), and Gypsy is living very happily as an only dog.

Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - 2021





Through no fault of his own a young boy called Kirby came into care in 2018. A child of the previous owner was allergic to Kirby. Kirby was a 2 year old sable and white male collie, bought as a puppy from a breeder. He has been desexed, completed puppy school, his vaccinations were up to date, was house trained and was exceptionally well behaved around young children. He was often walked to school and wasn't afraid of having up to 5 or 6 (or more) children reaching over to have a pat! He isn't friends with the brush so isn't fond of being groomed, however he did go to a local dog groomer for a regular wash & trim. He was loved and the perfect dog.

Kirby is now enjoying his life with another rescue collie, Codie, and still being totally spoilt.

Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - 2018




A long distance rehome. At the time of us being told that Giz needed a new home I was travelling with my daughter in NT, half way into our trip around Australia. Giz was being surrendered to us due to barking and noise complaints from the neighbours. To make things more complicated Giz was a Canberra dog looking for a new forever home, so our care network in Victoria couldn't do much without some travelling.

Sometimes things are just meant to be though. A few days before I knew about Giz I was conversing with a lovely family on a farming property in NSW that were looking for a new Collie companion. At that time we had nothing availabe that would suit them. Then Giz popped up not even two days later. It was like it was mean't to be. Giz now has paddocks to run and bark in as much as he likes, and a buddy to play with.

Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - 2018





Here is a story about a dog called Lucky. An appropriately named dog, as he is what we call a true Rescue - a dog that was in real danger of being euthanised, but thanks to a joint effort of several people he has found his place in the right home.

Lucky found himself at the Lost Dog's Home in 2018, and as is typical of collies who have lived their whole lives in a home, he didn't cope well being in a kennel environment. Behaviourally, he went downhill very quickly, and because of the unsociable behaviours he was showing, it was looking like the end of the line for him - the LDH quite understandably can't rehome a dog that could potentially injure someone.

As we have a great relationship with the Lost Dog's Home, we got the call - were we willing to take him on? Of course! Nothing lost by trying! So off he went to our behaviourist, who worked with him and assessed him. It was decided he needed a home where he was an only dog, with someone dog savvy and who can handle a strong willed personality.

So here he is, over 18 months later - a lap dog. He went from resource guarding his food bowl for over an hour after he'd eaten, to allowing bones to be taken away from him without a complaint. He now enjoys being brushed, and loves a cuddle. He knows about boundaries, and to use his manners if he wants something. And the best news? Lucky is a foster fail - we've been told he's not going anywhere!

Katrina Wenzler and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - Sept 2019




For the love of Jess

Jess is our special girl that has caught many of our hearts here in rescue. She is a little bit cute, a little bit mischief, but most of all she has the heart of a lion. Jess came to us with her sister Chloe (now Gypsy who has her own story below) as 11 week old puppies in 2014. Both had been purchased as 8 week old puppies from a Back Yard Breeder as gifts from a Grandmother to her two grandsons. We don’t know the true story of why the pups were surrendered, but I believe that there may have been a couple of reasons. Two feisty pups that want to play all day and make noise, and are very active can be a handful. Trouble!  There was also a story that the pups were being mistreated by the grandchildren, which I believe was also partly true, but in rescue we rarely find out the truth of why people surrender their dogs.
Being so young they needed to stay in foster care until they were old enough to be desexed at 16 weeks. This meant alot of bonding time with foster carers. Both went out to their homes for their happy ever after tail, but.......



Within 12 months Jess was back with us after being diagnosed with congenital elbow dysplasia that needed attention. Jess' adopter had spent lots of time and money on Jess to try and get that elbow right, but conceded in the end that Jess needed 24/7 care. It was more than she could give. And Jess' elbow still wasn't right. 
Now here we need to clarify that congenital elbow dysplasia is not usually noticable until a pup reaches about 4 months of age. Yes, we wondered why we hadn't picked it up while she was in foster care too. It didn't show until after she had been placed in her first home.
After coming back into care Jess had yet another operation on her elbow by the best specialist we could find. After number of operations and treatments we believed that Jess was ready to go to her forever home. Jess was 16 months old when she was finally ready for her new forever home.  We knew there was a possibility that she wouldn't be rehomable but we could only try for her. Her elbow problem could rear its ugly head again at anytime. She loved kids, had been well socialised with other dogs. She had a great relationship with one of her carers cats, and had a sweet fun loving nature. Because of her medical history we believed that Jess would be better suited to a quieter home that has someone with her all day. She would need to have regular daily walks at shorter distances. Jess also had arthritis in her elbow and needed to have monthly injections to give her optimum quality of life.
Amazingly we did find a home for Jess. It was love at first sight. Jess now has her at home all day person, her kids, and her short walks along the beach. Finally Jess can enjoy her life and know that as she gets older her owner will do everything in her power to ensure she will live a painfree life for as long as possible.


Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - 2015





Lily is a 5 year old rough blue merle girl who was rehomed from a kennel to a loving home, unfortunately it soon became obvious that she needed canine company and her new family weren't in a position to have a second dog.  After spending a month with me we found she had beautiful manners, a very sweet nature, and loves to play tug-of-war with the other dogs - but the silly side only came out if she thought nobody was watching!





Lily found a wonderful home where the family's old girl had recently passed away and Mister Danny, a two-year old rough collie, was missing the company.  They now keep each other entertained at their twice daily beach walks and barking at the post man. 

Katrina Wenzler and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - June 2016




(formally Francesco)


Winston was dumped at the young owners parents home when the owner couldn’t take him to the house that he was moving into.  He was 4 yrs old.  Sadly the owners parents were elderly, and even though they loved Winston, the grooming and care for a collie was too much for them, so they decided to rehome him in April 2014, with the permission of the owner of course.  Hopefully the owner will think twice if he ever purchases another dog again, and remember a dog is for LIFE!



It didn’t take long to find Winston a new home.  He had a lovely temperament, and was a good age.  He has fallen on his paws too.  He has a great companion collie now, as well as owners that will devote themselves to him for the rest of his life.  Lucky, lucky boy! 

Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - 07/2014





Below is a typically worded advertisment by us find a home for a rescue.


Popeye is an assisted re-home. His owner is parting with him as she says she doesn’t have the time for him, and also didn’t realise he would grow so big. Popeye is a 2 yr old male blue merle collie rough. He is good with kids and other dogs. He is used to being indoors as well as outdoors, but he will need some practice on lead when taken for his walks. He has basic obedience training. He sits nicely and waits for his meal and won't eat until he has been given permission. Popeye is microchipped, desexed, & vaccinated. If you are interested in adopting Popeye please complete the questionnaire on the bottom of the page at http://www. Victoriancollierescue. Com/available-for-adoption. Asp and forward it to [email protected]



Adoption Fee


Microchip Number


Rescue Group

Victorian Collie Rescue


Popeye found his home in December 2011 and is now living happily in Tasmania.

Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - 07/2014






Kenzie was a pound puppy collected in April 2010 who was approx 10 yrs young.  She was a bit untidy so we brushed, and brushed and brushed.  When we finished brushing, we washed,  and washed again. She was a little bit messy. 

Kenzie also had a problem with her hips and fly blown ears.  The ears were treated and I was calling her my bumble butt foster, but she wasn’t in pain, so after the vet looked at her, and she was put onto some joint medication she was ready for adoption.



We needed a home that wasn’t too active, but enough that she would get walked regularly.  We found one.  A perfect home for her as it turns out.  Kenzie is estimated to be 14 yrs now and is still bumbling around her home.  She is sleeping a lot, but that’s okay for an old girl.


Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - 07/2014





This is Charlie. Not strictly a rough collie (more border collie) but a boy that needed our assistance all the same. He was a young boy, we believe between 18 mths and two years and very active, as border collies are. Charlie came to us when a pound called us up saying that they had a very stressed collie and could we come and get him out of the pound environment ASAP.  “Sure thing!” I said.  Imagine my surprise when I turned up and the pound and discovered a border collie!  But they were right in saying that he was stressed.  He needed to come out, and I couldn’t leave him behind.  So Charlie came into care. 




He needed an extra special home that could give him lots of time and attention to bring him out of his shell, but once he learnt to trust you he was your buddy for life. We found him the perfect home.

Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - 07/2014





Gypsy came into care with Jess at 11 weeks of age.  Both had been purchased as 8 week old puppies from a Back Yard Breeder as gifts from a Grandmother to her two grandsons.  Three weeks after they were purchased we received a phone call to come and collect them.  We don’t know the true story of why the pups were surrendered, but I believe that it might have been a couple of reasons.  Two feisty pups that want to play all day make noise and are very active can be a handful.  They were starting to get to the chewy, diggy stage of their life.  Trouble!  There was also a story that the pups were being mistreated by the grandchildren, which I believe was also partly true, but in rescue we rarely find out the truth of why people surrender their dogs.  We take them in and assess them as is.   




It didn’t take long for these pups to find a home.  Gypsy is now living happily ever after, but Jess has another story that needs telling separately.

Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - 07/2014





The story of George spans a number of years.  I first met George when I rescued my two dogs from an accidental back yard breeder back in 2007.  George was the father of my pup.  At the time the BYB released two of her four dogs to me, but her two males, George and a springer spaniel were staying with her.  The breeder of George was contacted and devastated that she had misjudged this person and wanted him back.  But nothing could be done.  Dogs are like possessions, and once you sell a possession there is no taking it back.  We suspected it would only be a matter of time before George ended up in rescue, so we waited.  And we waited.  And waited.



In June 2013, six years on, I received a phone call out of the blue telling me there was a collie in a pound.  I did wonder at the time who it was that called me, and possibly gave me a false name?  No matter.  The rescue representative that was sent there to check on him decided this boy needed to come out so he was released to us.  It wasn’t until I spoke to the foster carer later that day and asked what he was going to call the boy that I was told that he already had a name.  George. 

I had to have a photo sent to me straight away.  George had always been in the back of my mind, because he was the one that got away, and I had to know if it was the same George.  It was!  His face is one that I could never forget so I recognized him immediately. 

Now we know he is finally safe I can stop worrying about him.  He is now with a wonderful home that lavish attention on him as he deserves.  Another happy ever after tail.

Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - 07/2014





Saffy was a pound puppy that came to us via the Latrobe pound in June 2011.  She was such a sweet girl that nobody really understood why she was left there.  Her coat had been clipped so there was a bit of work to do with grooming her. 


It didn’t take long to find Saffy a new home.  When she went to meet the person she would own, she walked right in the house like she had lived there all her life and immediately settled at her potential adopters feet.  So she had made her decision on her new home without any help from us.  I love these happy tail endings!

Rehomed June 2011

Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - 07/2014



RUFUS (the dufus)




What a charmer this boy was. He came into our life as a 13 month old puppy from a lady that had a litter of pups and decided to keep this one. Yep, Back Yard Breeder, or BYB….. Anyway, he was getting too much for her to handle as a “big” pup and she had just had a new baby herself. Rufus was surrendered to us.
No vet work had been done, and it was Christmas time, our usual vet was on holiday. We decided to wait for the vet and kept him in foster care a few weeks longer than we usually would.
Rufus settled very quickly into his foster home like he was meant to stay. That, unfortunately, was not going to happen for him. He needed a proper forever home, and we needed to keep a space available for the next needy collie. He was the smoochiest collie we had had in for a while, and as a pup was still very active.
So we start the adoption process to find him that new home. He was put up for adoption after he had his vet work done 4 weeks later. A number of great homes came up, but one in particular stood out. These people had also been waiting for the right rescue collie for a while. After all the paperwork was completed Rufus went off on his two week trial period. By the end of the two weeks he was back again at our place. Rufus, we discovered, needed the company of another dog or he would fret. So back to the applications we go and find another perfect home with a dog this time. Two weeks later he was back. We had also discovered if there are dogs next door to play with, and the fencing was five foot farm fencing, he could get over.
Rufus had such a positive personality that we couldn’t see that these would be issues with the new homes, and they weren’t things we would pick up as fosterers because we have dogs and high fences. This instance just reinforces why we have trial periods.
Back in the applications we discovered a newcomer that had a dog, and six foot wooden fences.
Rufus is now living happily ever after.


Jackie Garvin and the Collie Rescue Crew - June 2012 



The Story of a dumped dog


Finn’s story begins with a phone call to Rescue from a boarding kennel east of Melbourne in May 2009. They had heard about Victorian Collie Rescue after surfing the internet and thought that rather than handing Finn (who had the name Muffin at the time) over to the local pound they should contact us.

Most collies do not do well in pound/boarding kennel environments due to lack of physical and emotional contact with people. They need to bond. If a collie doesn’t have the opportunity to bond they can become withdrawn and distant. Sometimes this can be irreversible.  Finn had become very distant and remote. Fortunately his foster carer was willing to put the time and effort into Finn to ensure he had every opportunity to prove he could be turned around.  After months of rehabilitation Finn did turn around. That glazed look left his eyes and he was well on the road to recovery. We can only be thankful that he did come into rescue, and not go to the local pound. He would never have come out. 

After we felt he had improved enough it was decided that he was ready to be placed in his new forever home. Of course his home would have to be a special needs home.  It would have to be a quieter home with people that would be able to spend a lot of time with him, understand him, and also ensure that he didn’t regress into what he once was, and, as we always say, if you wait long enough, the perfect home always comes along eventually.   



Finn now lives happily with his new collie friend Shona, and the two people he now calls family. He has improved beyond our wildest expectations and has become a wonderful ambassador for rescue collies.
Finn shows us that there is always hope.
Jackie Garvin and the Collie Rescue Crew - 2009




Darcy the smooching smooth was surrendered in June 2008 to Victorian Collie Rescue by a young lady that found it necessary to move into a flat and couldn’t take Darcy with her.  
Before he came into Rescue Darcy’s days were spent chasing a tractor up and down his fence line. He was very finely built, almost too thin, but even so he was all muscle. He was a very fit boy that would need a special home that would be active enough for him to do some running in, but not so active that he would remain as thin as he was when he first came into care.
Darcy was then advertised as available on the Collie Rescue website and the Pet Rescue website, and within two days a lovely family had spotted him and responded to the advertisement, and they seemed the perfect family for his needs. They fell in love with the photos of Darcy so nothing other than that smoochie smooth collie would satisfy their need for that extra addition to their family that they were searching for.
Dog and family were perfect for each other. Darcy now walks to school everyday to drop off and collect his children that he plays with and adores. He spends his days keeping his “working from home” human mum company. Once again a collie was matched to his perfect home.
Jackie Garvin and the Collie Rescue Crew - Sept 2010 





Lassie came into our care after being in a home where they were no longer able to keep her due to a change circumstances. She was 10 years old at the time and absolutely terrified. She was petrified in the car trip to her new foster home, and when they opened the door to get her out, they thought she was dead. She was not moving, but it turned out Lass was just frozen stiff with fear. 
Lassie’s foster carer fell in love with the dear sweet sole before she had even laid eyes on her, and as soon as she did see her she fell deeper in love so asked if she could keep her there rather than put her through all this stress again by moving to yet another home. We agreed as we knew she would be in a wonderful home and get all the patience, love and care that she would ever need. Lassie took many weeks to start to show that she was relaxing and starting to accept a whole new different world that she had never known before. We suspect she was not allowed inside by the looks of her responses when invited in.  In fact she would panic if the door of the house shut behind her. Any quick movements from her new family sent her into a panic. Her coat needed extensive grooming, and that job was a slow patient one so as not to stress her out further.  Sadly, there was no sparkle in Lassies eyes, only sadness when she first came into care. Her tail never moved. It was almost like she had forgotten how to wag it. A month later and Lassie was a different girl. 
She bonded very strongly with her new mum and Dad, loves their kids, and has palled up with the other collies there. Lassie now has a spring in her step, as she has lost some of her excess weight, and best of all, she now has a sparkle in her eye, and her tail wags!!!
Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew 2010




Here is a look into the communications between us here at Rescue reporting on the dogs we foster. 
Foster carer Mark’s report on Amber in Nov 2008:
Just introducing Amber, she is a 3 1/2 year old shaded sable who was supposed to be an escape artist; I haven’t found that to be the case at all. She has been played with as a pup but has pretty much been neglected since then. She craves humans and absolutely loves kids.

Since coming into care she has been groomed and freed up of all knots and everything else that a Collie picks up, she has also had all her vet work done as well. She is the easiest Rescue Collie I have ever had to groom and seems to love it. A nice bonus.

She hasn't been trained and at her age is only learning basic things like sit and not to pull on the lead while walking, she is smart and is catching on quick. She isn't house trained and we are working on that too, with our first night inside without an accident for me in the morning.

She is quite active and can be a bit of a barker when she gets going, she is pretty sweet but defiantly needs to learn some manners and some rules.  Not sure at this stage how long she will be in foster care, guess it depends on not only her progress but also what any potential adopter is willing to take on.
Mark & the Collie Crew...
"Life for me is ROUGH and I love the three of them"
Hi Guys,

I took these pictures of Amber this morning,


just before we boarded the ferry across the bay to see her off to her new family. And we had to make sure that we didn't forget Squeaky Lion.
And just before we were off, we will just make sure we remember some manners we have been working on over the past couple of weeks, by doing a sit. Good girl!

Amber has been rehomed to a very nice family and despite her lack of manners, which we worked extremely hard on, they fell in love during the home visit and she fell in love with them too, it's a great home and over the next two weeks she will be placed there on trial, but I really have a feeling she won't be coming back.

GOOD LUCK Amber...
Mark & the Collie Crew...
"Life for me is ROUGH and I love the three of them"
Jackie Garvin and the Collie Rescue Crew - Aug 2010 





Oscar is our walking miracle. He has caused us here in rescue to feel anxiety, sadness, sorrow, love, happiness, laughter and pure astonishment.

Oscar’s story starts when Rescue was contacted by Amanda, a rescue volunteer for AAPS working down Gippsland way, in March 2010. She had just been contacted by a puppy “breeder” advising her that a collie had been dropped off to her by an older gent that had been placed in an aged care facility. The puppy “breeder” had apparently promised this older gentleman that she would help find his dog a new home. Oscar was only three years old and had lived with this gent and a much older collie all of his 3 years. 


Oscar came to us in terrible condition. His weight was only 17.1 kg the day we collected him from Amanda. He had a lump just above his withers, and he had been vomiting for the three days previously. We were going to have a challenge on our hands.

After a quick trip to the vet he went off to his foster carers, who within days of having him there, fell in love Oscar. But Oscar was still not happy. We couldn’t get him to eat more than a handful of food a day, but he hadn’t vomited since he came into care, which was a promising sign at least. We tried a number of foods to try and entice him with everything from fresh sardines, steak, chicken, and basically anything we thought we could get into him, but he still ate practically nothing. Three weeks later we did a weigh in and we had only managed to put 0.1 kg of weight onto him. That was a whopping 17.2 kg’s of male collie, but still, he wasn’t going backwards.
While he was still in care a lady looking for a collie was referred to us and it seemed like an ideal home for him, if only we could get him stabilized and gaining some weight, he had a perfect home ready and waiting. We were all at our wits end trying to figure out what was wrong. Finally it was decided that one of our other fosters be put in with Oscar, who was the only dog at our foster carers at the time, to see if a bit of doggie competition would stimulate his appetite.   BINGO! That did the trick nicely! He had been fretting for collie company the whole time. Within five days he gained 0.5 kg’s.
This is not the end of Oscar’s story though. Rescue and the potential adopters agreed this lovely boy should be given every chance possible, and the adopters took on the Oscar challenge. He still needed an operation to remove the lump, but after what he had already been though this would be easy for him. He then spent two more weeks eating “like a refugee” and had gained a lovely 1 kg and was now ready for his surgery. Sadly the lump that was removed was discovered to be a tumor. It even had its own established blood supply. We were all devastated. After all that Oscar had gone through, and the improvement in his health had been so fantastic, his life was now in danger again, this time from that horrible C word, cancer. After two days of anxiously waiting, the tumor’s biopsy results came back. It was benign! Oscar was now in the running to live a long and happy life again. 
What and emotional rollercoaster this boy has sent us on. Oscar is now living happily, still gaining weight, and bouncing around like a puppy again with his new collie buddy Molly, and his humans.  
Jackie Garvin and the Collie Rescue Crew - June 2010

Two weeks after this story was written Oscar’s battle for life came to a tragic end. His professional dog walker, who was under strict instruction not to, let him off his lead in a park beside a busy road and he ran off. Two days later we received information that a dog matching his description was found the same day he went missing. Dead by the side of a road. 

R.I.P. beautiful boy. 16.06.2010





Ellie came to us in June 2009 from the RSPCA.  She was surrendered to RSPCA because her owner’s children had all grown up and so nobody was there to play with her or look after her anymore.  As you can see from the photos below she was in a dreadful state when she came into foster care.  Her coat was a mess.  RSPCA had treated her for fly blown ears, but other than that health problem she was a happy healthy dog.


It was a three day grooming marathon that got this girl cleaned up. Underneath all that mud, poo, wee and burr cement that had managed to compact on her belly and legs we discovered a lovely happy healthy collie.

Ellie is one of the lucky ones that is able to come into care with few or no issues, get treated as a pampered pooch for a few weeks while being assessed before going off to her new forever home to be completely spoilt in her new life. 
The only issue we had with Ellie was that she a serious habit of trying to wag her tail off, but her new owners were happy to take her on, tail wagging habit and all.  Now, I don’t know how it happened, but a few weeks after she was adopted I saw her again at a Rescue function and discovered to my amazement that the new owners actually managed to make the tail wagging habit worse!   Oh well, Ces’t la vie!

Ellie is now living happily with Justin, her new bouncing play buddy, and her new family that adore her.

Jackie Garvin and the Collie Rescue Crew - June 2010





Jack was surrendered to a local pound in 2009 when his previous owners decided that they were unable to cope with him pulling washing off the clothes lines and tearing up his backyard with all his running up and down the fence line. He was only 2yrs old.


This, unfortunately, is a common situation that can arise when new owners of dogs don’t realize that dogs need physical as well as mental stimulation. It is especially seen with younger dogs, and more so if they are an intelligent breed that have been bred for a purpose, like herding etc. Sometimes we have people contact Rescue that have a similar situation to the one Jack was in, and they don’t know how to cope. We assist by advising them of methods that can be put in place for them to use so that they and the dog can benefit. Sometimes it can be as easy as explaining to them what purpose the collie was bred for in the past, or it maybe that we recommend that they have a expert behaviorist come and assess a situation in person. Usually it is somewhere in between.
Part of our organizations objectives are to educate as well as rescue. This is why we continue to attend events like Big Dogs Day Out and Pet Expo with the CCV, and various other events each year, and we also keep a forum for those who want to ask questions to gain advice from other forum members.
Jack has now been adopted by an active family that was willing to work with him and give him some basic training. He now walks every day, sometimes twice a day, and this seems to have alleviated the problem immensely. It comes back to that old saying “The time and effort you put in to something will show with what result you get out of it”. Jack is now a bit of a lounge lizard in the evening, happy to sit quietly with his family and enjoy the sights and sounds going on around him, just as long as he gets that walk during the day…….
Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - June 2010




Wellington is a rescued 8 yr old pound dog and adopted by Karen in May 2008. Let’s hear how she and her husband Tate are enjoying their new charge……
Hey guys, just thought it was time for a Wellington update . . . mostly because I'm sure all my friends are sick of me talking about him ALL THE TIME so it's time to brag to people who will truly enjoy it.

We had a really lovely experience the other day. My housemate's boyfriend was fixing her bike in the front driveway and Wellie was laying around with us when the neighbours kids from across the court came over and looked at him from the edge of the drive. They said they were scared of him, so I said he was really nice and they could pet him if they wanted. The two older ones (probably 4 and 6ish) finally came and patted him. The boy (the older one) decided once was enough but once the little girl started patting him she just cuddled right up with him and we basically had to pry her off him to go back inside.

He's a good ambassador for dogs, for rescue and for Collies, too. It was just amazing to watch these little children who were convinced he was going to EAT them to really start to bond with him within about 20 minutes


We've also discovered that he only barks when playing. So if you are running around or throwing toys for him he runs and barks and turns into a crazy puppy! But he definitely knows how to switch it off and settle down when play time is over. The only toy he'll actually chase and bring back consistently is this stupid little squeaky lion (the ones from the Big Dog Day Out) and he goes bananas for it! If you throw it in our yard, he'll chase it, grab it, toss it in the air, pounce on it . . . it is too fun to watch, I'll have to see if I can put together a video of it.

He's also got great house manners. We can put food on our little side tables in the lounge - even CHEESE and biscuits when people come over and he won't touch it. He'll stare at it longingly, drool all over the floor and give you sad faces, but he won't grab it. And he's worked out that he's not to come up on the couch while we are eating (yes, we are pathetic and eat in the lounge sometimes) but as soon as you put your plate down, he's right there in your lap. He also loves to be brushed, which makes life easy. As soon as you walk into the room with the brushes in your hand he sits up tall waiting for you to begin and then pretty much falls asleep while you groom.

We still can't figure out why someone saw fit to get rid of him, but who cares? We think we are the luckiest people in the world to have him now. It's been a little over a month and I can't imagine life without Wellington.

Wellington is now working as a Therapy Dog with dialysis patients in Cranbourne. He is also a regular at many Dogs Victoria events so keep an eye out for him at the next event.   
Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - Article from the Collie Chatter May 2010 edition
R.I.P. Wellie 23.05.2012
He was with us for only a short while but bought so much joy to so many people.  Our unofficial poster boy.




Bush Fire Babies

We had three lovely collies come in from Coldstream Animal Aid last September 2009 that have since become affectionately known to us at Rescue as our Bush Fire babies.

In February this year, 2009, the Black Saturday fires caused a family with two pet collies to loose everything they owned. Their house was, tragically, completely razed to the ground, along with all their belongings, not unlike a lot of other people in the bush fire regions.
    Jazz - Now a loved pet  Sienna - Now enjoying country life
       Beauty - Now a Delta Dog                      Jazz - Now a loved pet             Sienna - Now enjoying
                                                                                                        country life

These two collies were kindly taken into care by Coldstream Animal Aid in conjunction with the RSPCA bush fire animal support program that was in place. Whilst in care the female of the two dogs gave birth to three lovely female puppies. All five dogs were boarded for a while at Coldstream, and when the owner thought that his life had stabilised itself enough, he took them all back to his temporary accommodation, with the intention of finding good homes for his pups.

Now for the sad part of the story. After a period of time the neighbours started complaining to the council about the dogs being held in his temporary accommodation, a unit type style of housing. No dogs were supposed to be allowed. But the owner still didn't have his house built after the fires, or the fences up on his property in Kinglake, and the council insisted that the dogs be removed from the property. The owner put them all back into care/boarding at Coldstream again.  It was about then that Rescue became involved with the case.

Victorian Collie Rescue was contacted and took into care three of the five dogs that consisted of two pups and the mother of the pups.   
Since that eventful day when the dogs came into Rescue’s care, three families that have been patiently waiting on our list for months for their anticipated new family member were contacted, and these Bush Fire Babies have now been placed into their new homes.
I would also like to congratulate Coldstream Animal Aid for keeping these dogs in such beautiful condition. I have never seen Collies come out of a pound/boarding kennel environment with such fantastically groomed coats.
Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - Article from the Collie Chatter Dec 2009 edition




Early in July in 2007 Victorian Collie Rescue received a call from a pound saying that they had a Collie Rough. Sadly, this boy had been picked up by the Ranger as a stray, and his previous family had not reclaimed him. So the pound asked if we would be interested in taking him into our care and putting him into our re-homing program. Of course we immediately flew into action and it was arranged that we would pick him up the next day after he had been de-sexed etc. 



He arrived at his foster carers home and immediately bounced around everywhere, he was very excited to be out of “jail”. He was only around 2 years of age when he came to Vic Collie Rescue, he needed some grooming, and training, but overall was a healthy and well adjusted fellow.
This boy was not with us long and he was adopted by a wonderful couple who already had another Collie. He was renamed Hamish and is now firmly entrenched into his new home and is going to obedience school with his new Mum and Dad.
Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - Article from the Collie Chatter June 2009 edition



Laddie joins the Grey Nomads


Laddie was a stray, who sadly was not reclaimed by his family he had strayed from. He ended up in a pound in Melbourne and luckily Rescue found out he was there. Laddie failed the pounds assessment test, and if we had not been there to take this lovely boy into our rescue program, he would have been put to sleep. The pound determined that he was aged, that he showed early signs of arthritis, and that he had a chronic ear infection. Laddie was estimated to be of mature age, 7-8 years old, when he was found. 

Vic Collie Rescue managed to convince the pound that we were still prepared to give this boy a chance. Our foster carer for Laddie drove a very long distance at short notice to collect him from the pound on his “due date”. Well, it seems that Laddie weaved his magical charm on his foster carer very quickly, because he was adopted by them very soon after coming into their care. Laddie now lives with a younger smooth collie, Lily, and they are best friends. His human Mum and Dad adore him and he returns their love 1,000 times over. He is fit and healthy now and his ear infections have all been cured.
He enjoys an active lifestyle getting lots of walks on the beach where he lives, and spends each winter holidays in Qld with his devoted family. 
Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - Article from the Collie Chatter Feb 2009 edition






Our Sweet Mandy 


One of our very sad cases is dear Mandy. She was a stray in the pound and never reclaimed by her owners, which is not surprising as Mandy had obviously been subjected to abuse in her previous “home”. Mandy had a dreadful wound on her back/rump area, which looked very much like she had been hit by a shovel. It was quite long and very deep, but luckily did not become infected thanks to the pound ranger’s attention. The wound has healed over time but hair will never grow in that area again.




When Vic Collie Rescue visited Mandy in the pound she was nothing but a shell of a collie, there was no life or light in her eyes. She was released from the pound to us in a shocking state both mentally and physically. Over time, Mandy improved sufficiently to enable her to be happy with her foster carer, and several months further on began to trust her foster carer. We decided not to re-home Mandy, and her foster carer offered to give her a permanent home. Mandy is still improving, and will continue to improve under her foster carers loving guidance, but we doubt she will ever be able to go into any other home. Thank you Kaye Reeves for taking this lovely girl into your heart.
Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - Article from the Collie Chatter Aug 2009 edition

R.I.P. 2010 



Harley is a lovely 6-7 yr old tri-coloured boy that was surrendered to our Western Australian OzCollie Rescue representative in June 08. The reason we were told that he was handed in was because the owners couldn’t afford to keep him. We understand that this was at least the third home he had known.
The day that he was surrendered was also the day that his photo was first posted on our Collie Rescue forum website. A potential adopter that had been watching this website for months, and had already been approved as an adopter by Rescue, was waiting for just the right dog to come along, and within five minutes of posting that photo an email was received by Collie Rescue from her telling us that she was interested in Harley.
It was love at first sight.
After some quick long distance temperament checking to see if Harley would fit into the potential adopter’s home life the decision was made to bring Harley to Melbourne to start his new life.
Thanks to a donation by Jetpets (Virgin Airlines) and Pet Rescue of a pet transport flight from Perth to Melbourne, Harley was able to be bought to Melbourne at no cost to Collie Rescue and settled into his home very quickly. 
By all reports received by Rescue from the new adopter, Harley has now found his new forever home.  Just see how comfortable he is in his new home in the photo above!
Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - Article from the Collie Chatter Oct 2009 edition
R.I.P. Harley who lost his fight after a short battle with lymphoma





Sassie came to us in late 2008 as a 12yr old girl with a little old age arthritis, and completely shaved by her previous owner that had surrendered her to their local pound. The reasons for her surrender? Apparently the pound were told by her owner “We don’t want her anymore because all she does is walk around the backyard all day”, and also when asked if they knew who the breeder was? “we got her about 12 yrs ago from somewhere in the country”.



When she came to us she was a little shy and typically underweight, and we doubt she had ever been solicialised with any other dogs in her life, not aggressive at all, but no doggie manners, but she was brilliant with children.
She was the most confusing dog I’ve ever had to assess.  She had great teeth, no gray on her muzzle and a beautiful playful temperament, but her body was old and couldn't keep up with her mind. She also had to have an operation at the pound to have a cyst removed, so was still recovering from that too.  She had the head and mind of a young dog, but the body of an old dog.
After assessing Sassie she was put on a commercial joint powder to see if that would help her ageing bones, it did, then a some weeks later she was advertised available for adoption.  We didn't hold out much hope that she would be adopted because of her age and health issues, and I was enjoying having this adorable girl around so much I was really half hoping that nobody would want to adopt her so she would have to stay here forever. She was such a sweetie.  But it seems that if you wait long enough there is a home out there that suits every dog.
She was seen advertised by a lovely young lady that lives on her own with two other dogs, an old Sheltie and a young Lab X.  De-Arne fell in love with Sassie as soon as she saw her photo, and when Sassie met De-Arne for the first time, she took to De-Arne like she was already part of De-Arne’s family.  After the usual home check, and meet and greet of the dogs, it seemed the perfect home for Sassie to spend her twilight years.
Sassie is now living happily ever after in her new home with her new companions, and she has especially grown attached to the 18 month old Lab X, Flyn, who is the perfect young gentleman/dog.  She and Flyn sleep back to back every night.
We caught up with Sassie at the Collie Club Fun Day March 2011.  Not bad for 14+yrs old!
Thanks De-Arne for taking this old girl into your heart.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet Sassie and could ensure that she went to her perfect forever home. Its times like these you are reminded why you do rescue.

Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - Article from the Collie Chatter April 2009 edition

R.I.P. Sassie 25.01.2012 





Mani came to us a few months ago, late 2009, as a surrender from the country and is approx 3-4 yrs old. His coat was in shocking condition, and he didn't respond to his original name, but that wasn’t surprising because when we were obtaining his details from his previous owner she couldn’t even recall his name! A volunteer kindly offered to bring Mani down to Melbourne for us, (many thanks to Bronwen), and at the collection point when Bronwen asked the previous owners what his diet was, and if had he been fed that day they had to make a phone call to a family member to find out! We must at least be thankful that the previous owners were referred to Victorian Collie Rescue by the local pound rather than him being impounded. Collies don’t do very well in pounds.


I doubt that Mani had ever been in a car, or even walked on a lead, but he had the most beautiful temperament. He was a big boy and got the name Mani because he reminded my children of Manfred, the woolly mammoth in "Ice Age". He was a gentle giant.

A week or so after he settled in to his foster home we noticed that Mani just loved children, and we also decided that he was really just a big puppy in a dog’s body that was ready and craving for proper training, someone to romp with, and lots of cuddles and love.

It didn't take long before we found a family on our waiting list that had been waiting for the perfect new family member to come along. This family had been waiting for quite a few months, knowing and understanding that it can sometimes be a while before a suitable "family" rescue can be found, but they were patient, and rewarded for their patience.

Mani has now been officially adopted and is living in his new home with the boy he now owns, 10 yr old Chandler, and Chandlers family, which also includes a new collie buddy, Willow. Another collie has gone off to their perfect home.
Jackie Garvin and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - Article from the Collie Chatter Feb 2010 edition




Bonnie and Marty


In October 2005 Victorian Collie Rescue received a call to say that there was an elderly couple of dogs in a Victorian country pound. One was an old Collie and her mate was a Japanese Chin boy. These guys had been surrendered by their owner who was no longer able to care for them.

Sadly, both these guys were on the older side and they both relied on each other greatly - so it was preferable to keep them together if at all possible.  We knew it was going to be hard to rehome these guys together, not many people want 2 dogs. Or they already have 1 dog so adopting 2 extras is out of the question.  Plus with both being on the older side it was going to be a very special person who would adopt them.

Following are photo's of Bonnie (the Collie) and Marty (the Japanese Chin) on the day they were released into Vic Collie Rescues care.


A call was put out on an Australian Show email list to see if anyone on there knew someone who may be able to help give these guys a home.  A South Australian show person came to the aide of these two golden oldies and offered a home to both, so a chain of events then evolved and a "road transport" link was devised with several people offering help in getting these 2 from the country Vic pound to their new SA home.

When Vic Collie Rescue actually got these 2 into their hot little hands it became obvious that the Japanese Chin boy was indeed a bit on the large side ... we suspect he is not purebred. But Bonnie was all Collie Rough and she was simply adoreable. A bit wobbly on the old legs but she had been through a stressful week in a pound and seperated from her friend Marty (state govt rules that dogs must not be penned together, meant they had to be in seperate pens) and also a long car trip.

Bonnie & Marty arrived in their SA home to be greeted by their adoring new parents and several Japanese Chins. An urgent bath and groom was ordered (they were a tad smelly on release). Both have the run of the house & yard and are now very much loved and incredibly happy.

Recently Bonnie suffered a mild stroke but she is doing well. She is estimated to be around 12 years old now. 

This story was written in 2007 and Bonnie has since passed away.  But we know that the last few years of her life were happy years.

R.I.P. Bonnie.

Juliet O'Meara and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - Feb 2010




Thomas the Tank 


Early in 2007 Victorian Collie Rescue discovered a sad male Collie in a pound. He was not responsive at all to the person trying to chat to him through is wire pen door, he just lay there and stared straight ahead.  


This boy was released by the pound into Vic Collie Rescues care and they promptly named him "Thomas ... the Tank" because he was sooo overweight and he quite simply barrelled through his foster carer and her own Collies, because once he built up steam he could not stop himself.  Here he is the day he arrived into foster care ... a totally different dog to the boy who was stressing & pining in the Pound.


"Thomas" was put on a very strict diet and exercise program at his foster home. And his dreadful coat condition was dealt with over a slow period of several grooming sessions. His bath was very much appreciated by both Thomas and his foster carer.  After a period of time, Thomas finally started to lose some of the 50+kg  that he arrived with. He then found a fantastic home in NSW and they have continued on his weight loss program.  


Thomas looking adoringly up at his new "Dad"

 Juliet O'Meara and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - 2007


Hello all at Victorian Collie Rescue

This morning at 9.30am it was our sad and difficult decision to have to have our lovely
old friend put to sleep. He has given us so much pleasure and returned our love in his
own pushy way.
We called him Toz (the Bulldozer) because he never lost that ability
to just push his way to the front for a rub, a pat or a brush. Even on his last morning
where he could hardly stand up, the minute he saw his collar and leash he was at
the door ready to go for a walk.
Our hearts are breaking today but our gratitude to your organisation for allowing us
to give him a new home and a wonderful and happy old age is strong. We are always
recommending people to rescue a dog and no doubt when we heal a little, we will be
knocking once again on your door hoping to find another doggy soul to share our lives
Thank you so much for the work you do
many blessings to all
Cate, Graham and Rhys
R.I.P. Tozzie 19.07.2010





Tylli (was Millie) belonged to an elderly lady who has a disabled son and whilst they loved her they were really struggling to care for her. The lady lost her husband a while back, and she could not groom her or exercise her properly. Due to this Millie was surrendered to Victorian Collie Rescue for re-homing.


Tylli more then found her paws where she landed, she has a lovely family who spoil her immensely and no longer wants for anything…ever… Every now and then I receive an email from Tylli and she lets me know how everything is going and tells me a little of her new life.  I would like to thank both her Dads for making sure she has such a beautiful life.

Hello Uncle Mark

Well, it has a long time since I spoke to you.

Lots has happened I have put on weight and my coat is getting nice and soft and gradually growing back. My 2 dads are really good to me and I am really looked after well and do not want for anything.

I am much better with the vacuum cleaner and do not bark at the hair dryer anymore I just run to the bathroom door and look at it, lawn mowers and some power tools WELL, I still have issues with these, oh and I have found out about these things called kookaburras.

Where I live there are lots of them and I like to chase the noise they make and bark at them mind you, I can never really find them but when I go out if I hear them I just have to run off and try and find them and daddy Ray said he has never ran so much chasing me, sometimes I run all the way across the golf course and he looses sight of me daddy Kevin is not so bad.

The cat thing next door now wears a bell as he has been eating locals if you know what I mean BUT guess what, now I know when the cat thing is in the yard or on the roof, really do not like cats.

I have made sooooooooooo many friends and I really like to play and run with other dogs but some of them like Sam are a bit rough with me but my dads make sure nobody hurts me. The car things are still a worry I don’t like to hop into them but I love to put my face out the window when I do and sniff all the smells in the air. My dads have recently taken me to the water, only the edge but I am a little wary.

I still have lots of walkies of which is good as my dads have lost weight. I have some pictures that I will send to you soon and you will see the difference in me.

I am having my first walkies today with Darrin my new friend that will take me out so I do not get bored during the day while my dads are at work earning money to keep me in my new lifestyle that I have become very accustomed too.

My new dads have taken some snaps of me and as you can see I am getting lots of love I have put on wait and my coat is getting softer and longer, OH I AM SOOOOOOOO SPOILT.

Darrin my new dog walking man starts this Today. My dads have him on trial and he will take me out on Tuesday and Thursday for walkies so I do not get bored.

Anyhow, must away to get pretty for Darrin and will talk soon.

Hi to Ryan and all the other kids including the human ones.

Love Tylli XXXXX


Mark Forde and the Victorian Collie Rescue Crew - May 2008 

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