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Grooming Your Collie

The Rough variety of Collie, with its long, double coat, does require a commitment from the owner for regular and thorough grooming. To keep a Collie in top condition, grooming at least once a week is necessary, more often is preferable. The necessary equipment for grooming includes a long-bristled pin brush, a comb, a spray bottle filled with water, nail clippers, scissors, and either a dog toothbrush, or a soft rag and baking soda.

Begin by parting the hair in one section down to the skin and brushing thoroughly. Continue working in sections until the entire coat has been brushed. Water should be misted on the area before brushing to prevent hair breakage. Use the Pin Brush to remove knots from the feathering on the front legs. Special attention must be paid to the ears, chest, pants and belly coat; these are the areas which are most prone to matting. After brushing, trim the nails. Unless the dog's nails have been neglected, all that will be needed is to just snip off the clear pointed end of the nail each week. After trimming the nails, use the scissors to trim the hair which grows between the pads on the bottom of the feet. This hair should be trimmed even with the pads; do not remove the hair between the pads. Finish your grooming by cleaning your dog's teeth. Now your Collie will look and feel his best and be ready to go anywhere with you.

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